Christmas Time

Hey everyone,

It’s time for Christmas, yay! I’m actually prepared this year. Double yay!! This will be a short post as I’ve got company over and I’m hiding away in my office to finish some things. Ok, several things.

It’s not the new year yet, so I won’t be making specific promises on here, but I will say there’s a few things coming that are worth looking forward to. So take that vague yet exciting bit of news and go tell all your friends.

My book, The Gadling Legacy: Haven’s Fall, is on sale still for two more days. It’s still only a sale for the Kindle version, but I’ll be working on a way to configure a paperback sale as soon as I’m able. I’m more than a bit disappointed at taking away the option for sales by vaporizing their eStore, but I’m not giving up just yet. If I find a way to get that accomplished, you can be sure I’ll let you all know on here. For now though, Kindle version is only $0.99, but for just two more days.

Alright, my doggos say Merry Christmas to you all!

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