Snow ‘n Stuff

The holidays sure are coming up fast and with the surprise snow we just got in Houston, it feels closer than I’m prepared for. Good karma for putting up a full-sized tree this year! Not one of those 3 ft tall ones. That always felt like cheating.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving this year. It was freezing, but my husband and I went camping and had a few interesting experiences. One of those was the swarming of ladybugs in and around the camper. I had never seen anything like that before and if you ever want to cure yourself of your ladybug adoration, just get yourself in the middle of that nonsense. They get everywhere.

Speaking of the holidays, lots of things to look forward to! I’ve got a giveaway coming up, a holiday sale, and next week I’ll be posting a picture of one of the monstrous creatures, the drass, from The Gadling Legacy: Haven’s Fall. I’m telling you all about this a week early because I want to see if any of you want to try your hand at drawing out the drass the way you saw them when you read the story. Or, if you have yet to read The Gadling Legacy, I’m going to post an excerpt below that describes the drass in detail and you can send me what you come up with!

So get ready for giveaways and holiday sales coming your way soon.


“Each of them six-legged and from head to tail each was as long as two grown men. Their tails were half their body length and they were covered in tiny, glossy scales. They were a sickly green color with dark blue patches all over, like they were supposed to be spots but they got smudged. These creatures also had the strangest heads. Stunted, round and wrinkled with no eyes to speak of, they used their two sets of nostrils stationed near the top of their heads to breathe in and absorb their surroundings. Two separate inhales and one long exhale through both sets.”

The Gadling Legacy: Haven’s Fall by Devany Wilson


Now, it’s back to work!

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  1. Wake up Hank, get busy! You can’t sleep the day away! There’s work to be done😉

  2. I want in on the giveaway and another book deal. I would love to draw some of the characters, but cannot get images to get out of my brain thru my fingers!!! Getting ready to read book AGAIN!

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