The Gadling Legacy

A Science Fiction Adventure

All Vik’s life, the light at the top of the mountain teased a bright world he could never see. Everyone around him seemed perfectly content to live out their lives inside Haven’s cold, stone walls. His brother, Marek, never wanted to leave the safety of the only world he’s ever known. The mountain was a gift to them all.

But when a plan to open up the sealed sanctuary comes to fruition, the two brothers are thrust into a new way of life that neither of them had anticipated. With constant threats from the savage wilderness, towering Brutes, and fire-breathing oppressors, the people desperately need a Gadling to deliver their message for help. Vik and Marek must take separate paths to save themselves, what little family they have left, and their people from outright destruction.


In The Gadling Legacy: Haven’s Fall, everyone is thrown right in the middle of a change that is greater than any of them realize. Vik, Marek, and others have to find a way to save themselves from a world that doesn’t want them, while showing the powerful that they’ve got just as much a right to be alive.

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