The world of Agrona is a mystery even to those who live in it, but there are a few things of which they are certain. The forest is not safe, no one who goes into the woods alone is ever seen again, and that they were all saved from the world for a reason. That reason is unclear, even though everyone has their guesses.

There are many different types of people living around a mountain in Agrona. A few of them are:

The Impery. Fire-spewing, tall, sun-kissed warriors living in the shelter of the black mountain, Imperyo. They believe themselves the new saviors of the world in the absence of the old ones.

The Shinies. Aloof, blond, and bright-eyed, these stoic residents of Threshold are always up to something. These people are the only ones who give the Impery a reason to worry.

The Jawnies. Expressive, friendly, and hard-working people toiling under the black mountain in Threshold. They have tightly knit communities and paint themselves with symbols that represent important moments in their lives. Seemingly powerless, these simple folk create most of the art, tools, and materials needed for everyday life in their sheltered city.

The Brutemen. Even the women are taller than any Impery man and just as strong. These intimidating giants are surprisingly civilized, though not slow to violent reactions.

The Riders. Just the name of these black-eyed outcasts strikes terror into all who remember them. Once they lived among the people of Threshold, but it was due to their own unique ability that they banished themselves and found a new home out beyond the forest.

The New Ones. Vik and Marek are referred to as the New Ones when they first arrive in Threshold. They haven’t made a name for themselves as a people yet, but that won’t last long.

There many beings, dangers, and places not mentioned above that will be added in time. Especially as the second book in the series gets closer to being completed.

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