Blurb of Future Plans

Hey everyone!

Sorry this is a day late. I, of course, started up a blog right in the middle of the busiest part of the writing process: A new project! I’m so good at doing things wrong the first time.

I’ve been reading up on blogs, trying to see how to balance being interesting with being a hermit. Things aren’t looking good, but there’s always hope! Even if it’s in the form of a long, long, long waiting game. You see, this website is going to become a lavish resource, so full of goodies and entertainment that you’ll weep at it’s beauty and feel horribly inadequate as a human, all at once. You have my word. However, I am a one (wo)man machine and I have a lot to bring you all.

So news on what I’m up to: I’m plotting out the next series. It’s several books long, so I’m making sure everything makes sense and lines up, and all that fun stuff. I’m also devoting a big chunk of one day per week to drawing out some things on my list. And so on! I’m not big on droning on, so you’ll see what I’m up to as it all happens.

The Worlds section of this site is still in the works, but it now gives a bit more information on the different types of people in The Gadling Legacy: Haven’s Fall. I plan on adding pictures to this area by the descriptions because everything’s better with pictures! Except when it isn’t.

Alright, I’m putting my nose to the grindstone (see, better without pictures). I’ll be putting goodies up as they come out!

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