Time Warp

Something strange is going on!  It’s the end of October and over a month since my last post. This can’t be right!
Seriously though, WOW, time has flown by. On the plus side I’ve completed the full outline of my upcoming sci-fi/fantasy series, Leyna (working title) and am now working on the first draft, I’ve made several drawings for both Leyna and The Gadling Legacy that just need to be prettied up in Photoshop, and I’ve come up with a few outlines for The Gadling Legacy short stories which will be available online.
Leyna is a nice change because I had been developing this world on my off-days of writing The Gadling Legacy: Haven’s Fall. Gotta keep those wheels turning after all.
My goal with this blog was never to be a laundry list of my progress, but I’ve been so busy (and otherwise non-eventful) that I don’t know what else to put (aside from lots of spoilers for Leyna, lol)!
Lastly, reviews have started to trickle in as people wrap up TGL:HF. I just wanted to say thanks for the feedback! It is a huge help!

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  1. Thanks for the update!

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