Publishing Complete & Free Stuff

The Gadling Legacy has officially been released on Kindle and Paperback! They are even properly linked together now. It feels great to finally have this done, and to have people reading my book. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.
Important points! You can read the first few chapters for free through Kindle. And now that the Kindle and physical copies are linked, if you bought a physical copy through Amazon you should also get a Kindle version for your Amazon account through matchbook. This only works if you purchase through Amazon, I’m sorry CreateSpace 😛
I’m still trying to settle into a schedule for this blog, but expect it to most likely be a Tuesday thing. Also, they will start getting way more interesting. Probably.
Lastly, when you finish the book I would love some reviews on Amazon. That helps me views, which helps me get purchases, which helps me get rich and famous.
If you have questions or comments and don’t feel like sharing for the world to see, just message me on my Facebook page. I always respond, even if it’s not speedy.
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