First Hurricane: Survived!

​It’s been quite a while since my last post, fortunately I have a nifty excuse I’m sure you’ve heard of: Hurricane Harvey. ​And while we certainly got a ton of rain as well as multiple nights of tornado warnings EVERY 15-30 MINUTES, we escaped almost entirely unscathed. Certainly nothing compared to what you see on the news.

Honestly though, my posting procrastination has been largely due to the plotting process. It is extremely involved and takes up such a large portion of my days that by the end of each one I find myself being like, “What did I do today? Oh that’s right…typed a little, but mostly stared at my screen until I began hallucinating other worlds and people. What a good day.”

But seriously, this plotting process is both wonderful and exhausting. Ensuring character arcs, plots, antagonists, side characters, and so on all fit together in a coherent and engaging way is really interesting and I’ll be covering it sometime in the future on my YouTube channel (soon to come, once I’m done plotting and have more time for such things).

“All other characters are in a story first and foremost because of the relationship they strike to the protagonist and the way each helps to delineate the dimensions of the protagonist’s complex nature.”  – Robert McKee

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  1. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to more!

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